Have you ever had trouble moving on from something because you were paralyzed by fear?

Have you ever been in that situation? You know that you need to move on, but you fear gets in the way? Share your story. What did you do? How long did you wait? What did you say, and how do you feel now?


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  • I have the same nightmare/flashback every night, and it's been going on for three years. I wake up too afraid to move, and convinced someone is in the room. I usually have to lie there until the morning, as I can't move and there's no chance of going back to sleep. This is because I have post traumatic stress. I can't move on. Not yet. In my mind I know there's no one in my room, but I can't think rationally about it. Instead, I play dead, like a possum.

    It would work if there was an intruder right? they'd be like 'Oh no man! she's dead! let's get out of here quick!' lol

    Or they'll notice that I'm breathing and say 'Jeez look at that girl planking! let's steal shit!'


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  • When my fiancĂ© ended things my world ended forever. I've not been the same since - I'm emotionally ruined. Sad and depressed for the rest of my life.


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  • Hmmmm... Short break up (sorta kinda).... I was too scared to talk to him, and thus forth a friend told me he probably wanted to talk to me to, and I should just do it. It was terrifying but it was the happiest day of my life, I was never courageous, but damn it, I cried happy tears. Words just couldn't explain how I felt doing something I was so scared of instead of just sitting around scared and sad. :,)


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