Was my ex just being friendly or does he still have feelings?

My ex who I was with for 4 1/2 years broke up with me in April. Our breakup was not messy, and we stayed friends. He messages me sometimes on facebook. Today I was at the store and my back was turned and he surprised me by coming up to me and saying hello. He was smiling a lot and asked what was going on with me and we talked a bit. He asked what I'd been doing that day as I guess I looked like I went somewhere special as I had a bit of makeup on and looked half decent, thank goodness! Then when we parted ways I was in another part of the store and looking down at my phone and I looked up and caught him looking at me and smiling. He was at the checkout and told me to wait. We walked out together and talked a bit more. Is this a normal reaction that a guy would have to his ex? It didn't feel awkward at all talking to him and I definitely still felt attracted to him.


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  • It's not unusual for this to happen. You imply the break-up was amicable, so there is no reason he should avoid you. Is this the first time you have run into him since the bu? If not, how long has it been since you last saw him?

    Was the bu all his idea, or was it actually mutual? The reason I ask is, if you were not ready for the relationship to be over, it nay just be wishful thinking on your part that he is still interested.

    • No its not the first time that I ran into him. The last time was a week ago. He broke up with me but I agreed with his reasoning and felt that we had grown apart. Having been apart I have missed him quite a bit though.

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  • It's quite Obvious he misses You and what you both shared. I am seeing the signals, And after all, you both were together for a long time.
    Many couples, after a break up, remain friends, getting along better than when they were in a relationship. However, many times, too, the time apart, the history of what they used to have, and the lessons they finally learned, also enable them to start over again, and make it better than before.
    Watch for More possible signs. If it doesn't appear to be a Mixed signal, the ball is in your park as to start talking...xx


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