Men...why is my ex keeping in touch?

I know. HE is the ONLY one who really knows why he is texting me, but why do you keep in touch with an ex if you have NO intention of ever getting back together? I have told him I cannot be friends. It doesn't make sense to me AT ALL!!! Please give me your advice. I'm really missing him and would NEVER want to push him away if he's really contacting me because he still wants to be together. I really don't think that's what it is though. I actually recently blocked him from texting because it was keeping me from trying to move on.


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  • This may not be true for you: but I do keep in touch with my ex... simply because I like her. I don't want to continue the sexual relationship, but want her as a friend.

    • I don't like him. I love him. We weren't perfect, but we had AMAZING chemistry!!! I told him I CANNOT be friends. He texted me two weeks ago and said he was driving by work and "thought he might see me". I don't understand why he would want to see me...we are BROKEN UP!! He knew I was going out with friends a few weeks ago and asked me to send him a picture of how hot (his word) I looked. Again...why does he care how hot I look? Ugh!!! He was messing with my head, so I blocked him. :( Again, why is he doing this? To play games? Thanks for your thoughts.

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    • Well...he told me to move out. That is why I had to block him because I was getting mixed signals. When he texted me good morning and told me had just driven by my work and "thought he might see me", I told him that was REALLY strange to say to an ex and asked him if he didn't have anything better to think about, than maybe he'd see me near my work. I really do appreciate all of your responses. I can't explain to you how much I miss him. He truly was my Best friend. :(

    • What you say is true. It's very hard to get a person out of your life once they're part of you. Even if you hate parts of them!

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