My ex is acting very weird, texting me randomly and calling me late. I want her back, so any advice on her behavior?

I broke up with my ex 2 months ago, I want her back and I don't know if she wants too work on things but she has she's missed me, we keep in contact and she randomly calls and texts me (like last night she called me at 3 am just to talk...
Im hanging out with her Friday after work.

Well today she texted me "are you with another girl" when I told her I was with my grandma (I sent her a voicemail with me and my grandma saying 'heyyy were at the beach"
And later that day she texted me randomly "im hurting", "my sides hurt"

also when we talk in person, she doesn't really look me in the eyes, and her voice is shallow or very low. But I noticed when im looking away her eyes pick up. I make her laugh a lot, so turnip for your thoughts?
She told me before when I was acting needy and clingy that she doesn't know if she wants to try again. I hurt her, and I made a mistake
maybe we will talk friday, I dont want to overwhelm her, just have a great time with her. If she wants to talk im all ears


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  • I think you should just talk things out first , she deserves to know If you want thinks happening again , sinilarly you deserve to know what she feels about you , if she is sending mixed signals , you need to initiate a conversation one this topic before any one of you feel hurt by each others actions. Misunderstandings are quick but hurtful at the same time.


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  • why did you break up with her?

    • I was really stressed and tired from work and school, it was non stop. I forgot to show her my appreciation, and my family was calling me everyday begging me to come home and help take care of bills, and sending me pics of an empty fridge saying "were going hungry" and one day we had a HUGE arguement, and I just left. I am moving back out on my own, my family are involved with drugs and aren't going anywhere, and I made changes that actually show that I am a better man.

    • at what point were you "needy and clingy" ?

    • When I first knew I wanted her back, about a month ago

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  • Talk to her. Communication is key! You won't know if she wants to give it another try unless you ask :)

  • Let her know you want to give it another go and try it out, she could be feeling the same way.


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