Sigh:/ what to do my ex is blaming things on me and telling me I don't say thank you to him, wehn we dated. When it's not true I do say thank you?

He is not blaming stuff on me and twisting things. I don't if he is mad at himself. Out of the blue he broke up with me and he promised he wasn't going to


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  • Simple, don't ever talk to him again. Don't answer calls, texts, facebook, etc..If you run into him just ignore him or say that you are busy.

    • why?

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    • he's not happy I guess but I mean I don't know whay else he would do this and he said if I continue to talk to him he will chnage his number. I tried asking him why he is doing this an dif it is possible if it can be a few days

    • Like I said earlier, it's hard but the best thing for your happiness is to just let him go.


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