How to not feel guilty after breaking up with someone?

Ugh so I broke up with my boyfriend yesterday for a few reasons:
1) He is not going to my school in the future
2) I began to like other people too
3) I did not want to go to a dance with him (he does not get along with my friends and it always ends up being me and him and his friends who I hate by the way standing awkwardly not on the dance floor because he refuses to dance making boring small talk and me looking longingly at my other friends who are having the best time ever being super sad)
And some other stuff but we went out for over a year and I do nor hate him but now its awkward and I fell terrible even thought he was going to break up with me on the last day of school in like two weeks but he seems kinda upset like he apparently blows up on people who mention me and even though we agreed to be friendly he hasn't even made eye contact yet and yeah how do i lose the guilt?
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  • You can rationalize it by figuring out if breaking up was in the best interest for both of you. After all, you need two people to be interested for a successful relationship. If you lost interest, it would have failed anyway.

    I had a friends with benefits awhile back that lasted 3 years. I had zero feelings for her and only used her for sex. I never called to hang out, but I knew she was crazy about me. She's buy me gifts, cook me dinner, but we both agreed to friends with benefits.

    I knew I would never fall in love with her, and eventually I decided to break it off. She was completely heartbroken and cried non-stop. I told her that I would never fall in love with her, and ever moment she spent with me was an extra moment she would not spend with her future husband. She may also miss finding her soulmate because she's attached to me and not looking for anyone else.

    Sure enough, a year after we broke up, I found out she met another guy and they got engaged a year after. I also met someone and am engaged now too.

    There is nothing to be guilty of from a failed relationship. Both people tried, and it didn't work. That's just life. You will probably be in lots of failed relationships until you find the right person.


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  • i mean you werent happy with dating them so i mean i guess you did the right thing by breaking up with them because you were not happy... and felt bad that he would be wasting his time.. so yeah i guess you can say you did the right thing.. but at the same time i think when you are in a relationship and you really care about the person you will always make it work.. i have been dating my girlfriend for almost 2 years now and no lie the first 10 months of are relationship was distance because i had to go to another school but we got through it and i made it to where i would come and see her almost every weekend which was a 2 and half hour drive.. but it was soo worth it. and two there was no communication in your relationship with this guy which is what you need to have in order for a relationship to work to talk about how you feel about certain things and talk about things like flaws that you two can figure out how to over come eachothers flaws... next time actually get to know the person you are dating before just jumping into one..


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