I want to break up with a girl for another. How do I do it nicely?

I'm currently dating a girl, but I honestly feel extremely attracted to this other girl. The problem is we've only dated for 2 months now. How do I deal with it nicely so I don't seem like a huge MANDO dick basket?

Please help!
There are issues in the relationship I have. She is overly protective when I'm around other girls, when I'm not letting her go see other guys. Also she's bending backwards for what I want and goes and tells my friends when she has a problem, not me.
*when I'm letting her go see other guys


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  • It's only been two months. Most people figure out if they want to stay with someone 1-4 months in. It would be perfectly acceptable for you to tell her that you have enjoyed getting to know her but that you don't see it going anywhere serious and you want to continue to see other people. This guy below sounds like a really loyal person, that's great, I am too. However, 2 months in I'm just barely getting to know you, I don't have a lot of time and emotions invested in you yet so if I start to see things I don't like, yea, I'm going to end it. However, I've been with my guy for over 3 years now, I've pretty much decided I'm going to stick by his side through good and bad. So now, if I were to come across another guy that I 'might like better', and left my fiance for him, that would just be plain wrong. He's a good man, good to me and deserves my faithfulness and loyalty.

    • We've been friends for 2-3 years though and she acted COMPLETELY different. Are there different circumstances for this or same?

    • Is this who you want to be with for the rest of your life? It's only been 2 months of dating. Go back to being friends. The longer you put it off the harder it'll be, the more miserable you'll be and the more it'll hurt her. Plus, you'll grow resentful toward her for staying with her because you felt obligated to do so, and because of that you won't treat her right. Doesn't sound like she's treating you right any way. . . This is YOUR life. Don't waste your time or hers.

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  • You can't bud. Your will be a MANDO dick basket if you do it. Leaving one girl for another isn't right. You should only leave if you have problems with personalities or habits you cannot handle or something else but never just cuz there's another hottie running around. You will see 100 of those per day. You have to decide to either commit to your current gf or don't be 'exclusive' with her until you are ready to commit to her. That way you leave options open without being an asshole. Sorry but that's how I see it, you asked.

    • Thanks. There are problems as well. She's being overly protective and bends for what I want, but goes and tells my friends when she has a problem instead of telling me what she wants.

    • I don't see that as a deal breaker if you have committed to her and are exclusive. That can be fixed.

    • Alright, thanks man. Big help.

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  • There is not a nice way to do it, but just be honest. I hate clingy girls myself, and what she is doing just sounds like something if I were a guy, I would want to deal with! Just say its been a great 2 months, but I just dont think you are the girl for me. Yeah it will hurt a little bit, but it is better to get out of something early instead of waiting 1+ years and breaking up with the girl!

  • There's no nice way to do it..break ups suck and she will be upset, but she will get over it. The fact that she doesn't communicate with you when she has a problem (not necessarily regarding you) it's a big issue , among the others you mentioned of course. And she clearly doesn't trust you that much since she's so protective. You will make her upset and you will seem like a dick, but there's no solution to that.Most people know if they want to keep the relationship before 4 months, so it's not that late for you. The one thing I want to tell you though..please don't date the other girl while with your girlfriend..it's much more hurtful than breaking up with her first. You should explain to her that you feel like something doesn't work , stuff like that. And don't do the "it's not you, it's me" thing because it will make her even more mad.

  • There's no way to do that 'nicely'

  • Whats so bad about her talking to friends for advice. It's when it's nasty or she is twsiting the truth it's unfair. I can undertsnad if it gets back to you somehow then this feels harsh too.
    She is overly protective as she senses your pulling away, and in turn she is being nice and doing what you want as she thinks this will win you over.
    She doesn't get that if she pulls away instead of smothering you that will give you a chance to think and realise what you like about her.
    So this other girl is attractive? Well if your going on looks alone you may find the grass isn't greener. Two months isn't bad going so you obviously get on but also she should learn to relax with her insecurity.

    There is no way to deal with it nicely as your girl of 2 months clearly likes you.
    If you are serious about leaving her just do it and don't drag it out. It's only been two months she will get over you and move on. I'm assuming you already know this other girl likes you back?

    Just come right out and say it's not working for you but it's not because of something she has done. Keep it short. Don't waffle on. Just tell her and leave her to grieve and get on with her life. She will be upset confused and angry. Don't pass blame for her over protectiveness and being overly nice.

    Perhaps your still in the stage of wanting to experience women and not a relationship.


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