Went on a date with my ex and unintentionally brought along my mother?

Me and my ex broke up in 2010 after being together for 5 years. Since then I moved abroad for college and last christmas, I came back home for the holidays. We ended up hanging out once and it was great. Nothing happened. He kinda expressed regret not hanging out more often since I was leaving in 3 days. Two months later I came back home for my internship and have been here ever since. We kinda saw eachother for a few short minutes twice before him inviting me to go to a book sale. He invited me on a Wednesday and the sale was on a saturday. I was pretty stoked. He never brought it up again. On Saturday morning, I woke up pretty early and I decided to text him about it. I said "Hey, are we still up for today?" and he said "yeah, sure" and that "I'm already on my way". I was kinda taken aback by that and concluded that he had no real interest in me being there. I was running kinda late by then and went to take a quick shower and then ran to get the keys to take my moms car. I told her "hey I'm going to the book sale so I'll take the car for a while" and she jumped up and said "Omg I almost forgot that that was today! Hold on, I'm coming too!". What was I supposed to do? Tell her to please dont come because I was going to see my ex (that I was pretty sure didn't really care if I went or not)? We got there, my mom parked the car right beside his and we got in, I saw him, I hugged him. We pretty much stayed together the whole time while my mom minded her business while still being friendly towards him. Later on he decided it was time to go and my mom was also ready to leave. He told me he had something for me, a souvenir shotglass which he brought from a trip he went on. Anyway so I hugged him as a thank you and I felt he reacted a bit cold. I got into my car and left. We haven't really spoken much since then. I once sent him a text but only to get like one reply and not hearing from him anymore. What to do? What is he thinking? (I'm 24 btw, he's 25)


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  • if you don't like him anymore stop thinking about it. end of story. if you like him why the hell did you bring your mom with you and yea if i was in his shoes id be like wtf. you should text him and ask him to fill your shot glass up with some booze, then meet him up and make that shot glass a non virgin. end of story.

  • If he is interested in you, he will contact you, if not then just move on. No offense, but from what you shared I do not see much interest coming from him, other than just to catch up maybe.

    • Honestly I kinda want some closure because I don't know if he was turned off by that whole bring my mother thing or if I was totally not interesting or if he's found someone else. But I agree with you.

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