Are these things worth dumping someone over?

Okay well my boyfriend is visiting his friends in Michigan and since he's been gone (Wednesday), we've barely talked and he keeps saying he's just busy, which I understand but HE'S the one that said before he left that he wouldn't ignore me, and that he wanted to Facetime and stuff a lot. We have once for 5 minutes.

Also, he left his Fbook logged on at my house and I saw that he messaged about 10 girls "Hey whatsup!" or "Hey <3" but he claims he's loyal. I know if I did anything like that, he would be mad but he said they're 'just friends' and two of them have boyfriends. He doesn't know I saw a ton of other girls

I just don't know how to feel about this. Also, how do I know what he's doing while he's away?


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  • You can't know what he's doing while he's away. That's where trust as to play a roll in the relationship.

    However, I personally would be bothered if my girlfriend sent guys messages on Facebook like "Hey <3". If she was just asking a guy what's up I wouldn't care so much. It's just if it were flirtatious I'd be bothered. Just checking up on a friend would be okay.

    I personally had this talk with my girlfriend because she "unknowingly" or so I think, was definitely leading a guy on by texting ;) and such. Guys are simplistic for the most part. So a joking ;) would lead some on.

    If it bothers you, I would mention the way he talks to other girls bothers you. Not that him talking to other girls bothers you. It's his right to have other friends that are girls, and your right to have other friends that are guys.

    But your friends need to know where the line is to be drawn since you're in a relationship. You two should probably think about laying some ground rules another texting and anything else that you find questionable. You might even find out some of your habits have him wondering.

    Side note: messaging ten girls is ridiculous, if they're all in close proximity in regard to time. That's over stretching the barrier of trust in my opinion.


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