Everyday that used to begin with his good mornings and good nights were gone. I regret my decision every night and day?

My boyfriend was always busy so i told him that maybe we should just be friends for now since he had a lot of things on his plate. he agreed. i guess i thought that we would be able to get back together once he was less busy but that didn't happen. ever since the break up i was on a emotional ride. everyday that used to begin with his good mornings and good nights were gone, no matter how much i wanted to text him i couldn't. we were contacting a bit after the break up but it was on and off. i told him i missed him but he only replied with an "idk" so i just apologized and ended contact. he didn't seem to want to talk to me. during the no contact i thought about him everyday but my pride wouldn't let me contact him. when i saw him once in a while, we would both ignore each other which made it awkward. then i told myself that i should contact him in a friendly way after the school year ends when he should be less busy. when i did, everything was good until he suddenly stopped replying in the middle of a conversation. it hurt me a lot because he was never a guy to do that but i guess thats how he felt when i didn't contact him for few months. i felt like he moved on.but i still needed to hear from him and when i told him how i felt, he told me we should just be friends. but we still dont contact each other. im afraid to and it just hits me harder that i should have told him how i felt earlier then waiting until school ended to tell him.i miss him so much, i tried to improve on myself and stay busy by working at school for 4 hours a day, going to the gym but in the end, i always think about him and feel tremendous pain.i feel that he likes another girl.everything reminds me of him.he was a great friend before we started dating. now i lost not only his love but the friendship too. i tried hard to move on but i really cannot. are there no way to get back with him? should i give up? should i try to explain to him again that the break up wasn't because i didn't like him?


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  • It's over. You just have to move on. Try to stop thinking about him

    • yeah.. im trying to move on and to stop any contact with him.

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  • That's a start, you broke his heart, and he's feeling rejected by the one person he honestly thought wouldn't hurt him. So he's probably feelings like you didn't like him enough to stay and fix things, but you rather split, with out valid reason. It's a start towards your healing and maybe a closer bond with him

    • yeah i just want to explain to him that i didn't break up with him cause i didn't like him.. but i feel it is too late. i still do want to talk to him once in a while and see how he is cause he was one of my close friends but for now i think I'm going to distance myself a bit and organize my feelings first. i do want a closer bond with him but im not sure how to.

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    • making time as in giving him space and time?

    • Allowing time to heal t he situation like do fight against it, don't force things. Let things happen.

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  • tsk, you women!!! Girl, you get your booty over dar and kiss your man!


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  • This is why when a relationship is over it has to be over. No contact. I know it sucks, but you would be over him by now if you hadn't tried to be friends.

    • hearing from him that he doesn't have feelings for me, did hurt but now i know so i won't be going back and forth. i am currently initiating no contact to heal myself.

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