Girlfriend and I of 6 months just ended relationship over a big mistake I made. I want her back so bad but know she needs time and space. Hope?

The brief story is that, I broke trust with my girlfriend of 6 months. No, I didn't cheat but I used her credit card to purchase a flight back after our original flight was cancelled. At the time, I had already bokked a round trip flight with my cc but flight back was cancelled. In my head I knew she doesn't do well with last minute changes so I did this as I could not transfer the amount needed to my checking in time.
The worst thing is that after it was done i couldn't believe I had done it and was in denial because it is out of my character and had never done such a thing. I was always the one looking out for her. I realize that i had betrayed her and lost trust so I couldnt admit. I finally confessed and she broke up with me, i have since paid her back.
I am deeply hurt that i did this to someone i love so much and to see her hurt is hurting me more.
We hung out a couple times after and shared laughs and were affectionate (not sexually) but because she is so upset over what happened she said she doesn't want to talk about our relationship and needs space.She said its hard because she still loves me and wanted to marry me but is having a hard time getting over this. She has seemed happy but admitted she is trying to distract how sad she is. i agreed to give her time to heal but Im here of rher. i also wrote a letter telling her how this time apart has given me time to think and what things couldve improved overall. She continues to say that she is praying and wants this to go away. Also said she would be jealous if i dated anyone. I in my heart feel that its not over but space is needed, We both saw a future together and I just dont think that goes away because of this. i get i made a huge mistake and understand her feelings.


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  • While you shouldn't have with held the truth, you should have worked through it together, I don't think this is such a horrible offense. From your description you did it (or so you thought) for her benefit, it's not like you were actually stealing from her. You ended up telling her what happened and I can understand why she was upset, but it's really not that horrible. If she says she wants to marry you she's going to have to chill a bit. You two will go through far worse trials than this.

    • Again, I know there is no justification to what I did. i lied and manipulated so i see where she is upset. She is also worried about what others may feel if we got back together, She has several times mentioned her so called friends and their judgement, It shouldn't matter as i was there for her when they were not, but anyway, she still says she loves me but doesn't know what to do and needs time.

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    • Said she needed time to get over hurting her by lying and making her initially think I didn't do it until finally confessing. She said that hurt and questions trust going forward.

    • I understand why she's upset, I just think she's making a bigger deal of it than need be, that is all. I'd want to tell her to put her big girl panties on and get over it, if I was her friend giving relationship advice (as long as I thought you were good for her otherwise)

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  • It sounds like she is afraid that there is no trust in the relationship. Show her that you can trust her and try to find ways to ensure her trust in you. Once this is restored you two should feel more comfortable around each other and about your relationship.

  • If you were discussing future plans like marriage, she seriously needs to get that stick out of her arse.

    It's not like you spent that money on hookers and blow. It was a legit spent and seeing how she has already trusted you with her card details and pin, she should expect you to take some money every now and then.

    The lying - bad move. Shouldn't have lied about it, just said that you used her card and be done with it. I don't even get why you had to lie about it, since what you spent it on was VERY REASONABLE.

    She seriously overreacted and is not ready for any kind of future with you. She also seems to value other people's opinions over your feelings.

    Again, I'm not saying what you did was ok, but it definitely isn't that bad either. My boyfriend borrows my cards and I his ALL THE TIME. Never had any issues with it.

    You might want to reconsider planning your future with someone so overly dramatic.

  • So you broke up because you had to use her credit card to ensure that you could back home from holiday, and you didn't tell her at first to stop her from worrying? Seems like a bit of an overreaction to break up, yes you didn't ask her permission however it was done as there was no other option.

    You should just try explaining that you had no choice as you wouldn't be able to get home without doing it; and that you are sorry for not telling her and you regret it and won't do it again.

    • Thank you both. I think she is more upset that i didn't ask first and I lied about it for a week because I felt guilty. Kind of manipulated and denied it until confessing. The worst part is that she has "friends" that don't really know me in her ear. I know what she wants and so does she. i just think she's is upset over the situation. It's still fresh and she can't think outside of the situation

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