I feel guilty for breaking up with my gf of 2 years. Normal? Any advice to move on?

I broke up with my gf of 2 years and feel really guilty about it. Here's a link with the background on us if it matters


The thing is I'm feeling really guilty about it now. Is there anything I can do to get past this? Should I feel this way, maybe go back to her? Please help I'm a bit broken inside right now


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  • Sure it's your fault she feels sad but compared to the trauma she put you through and didn't care it's nothing. It's important to remember that. Sometimes you have to save yourself regardless of the consequences.


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  • Why do you feel guilty? Were you with her because she was happy or you both were? If it was to simply make her happy then letting her go was right in a relationship both partners should be happy not just one

  • you were sick of her things shoud get better soon


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  • Why would you feel guilty?

    This is why I make notes for myself explaining my decisions; later on I'll inevitably second guess myself until I read my notes. It sounds like it was pretty bad dude. You left your notes here on GAG. Go reread that.

    Quit acting like a martyr.

    • Well I hate making people feel bad and she actually seems pretty down about it. You're right about the notes. Still though makes me sad she's hurting now and its my fault

    • Of course she's down about it. She lost her whipping boy/baby sitter, and now has to take some actual responsibility for your life.

      Go find a woman that will appreciate you rather than take advantage of you.

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