NEED HELP: Boyfriend will cheat on me in the future.?

Me and my boyfriend has been together for 2 years now. We love each other a lot and he is my first boyfriend (I have hooked up with a lot of guys, but not anything serious) In the past months my feelings for him has become stronger, strange (I am usually that person that puts walls up and hides behind my feelings, but I have let myself open a bit). So I feel super possessive over him. I'm really trying not to get that attached but can't help it. Yesterday he was at a party together with one of his friend, he told me about how two girls trying to hook up with him, he even danced with one of the girl. He told me they both where pretty hot and he would do them if he wasn't in a relationship. I think talking to them and dancing with them (friendly) is ok, but when he tells me that they are pretty, and if he was single he would go for it, hurts me. I don't tell him everything that happens to me, because I know that would hurt his feelings.

I feel so jealous, sad, hurt. I just played along and told him I though it is ok, but I don't feel ok. Right now the only thing I feel like is putting up walls and not focus that much on our relationship, because the only thing I am think is that he will cheat on me one day, and that's it. I would talk to him about it, but I can't even bother doing it. I just need time for myself, and regain my self confidence. Just hangout with my friends, talk to my guy friends and focus on thing that are important to me. How can I ask for a break without breaking up? is that even possible?

He wants to hang out with me tomorrow and I'm seriously dreading it..


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  • Yes jealousy and hurt. I would feel the same if ma gurl say that. I would be depress for days and nights. I probably wouldn't know what to do...whats gonna go through ma head at that tine is thinken to brk up with her or not. Probably i would cuz that makes me feel insecure and our trust will shattered cuz thats one thing he wanted to do so i bet he has strong desire for it and is craving for them. Up to u to decide.


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  • Why does it hurt you? In fact it should make you empowered that he saved himself for you over 2 'fit girls' (which automatically makes you prettier than them)

    Yes he's a dick for saying it out loud to you, which is not on, at least not in those words, but he loves you well enough not to compromise your relationship and surely that means something? He's telling you that he had the opportunity to cheat on you and didn't, why do you think he'll cheat on you in the future?

  • It's best for you to talk to him.


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