Have you ever wanted to fall in love again but are to afraid of getting hurt or hitting your head?

A couple months ago my ex said he loved me and wanted me to take him back. I wanted to but I was to afraid of getting hurt again and him just treating me the same way have you ever felt like that?


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  • your a smart kid. Follow your head, not your heart. Dont always follow your head first, but in this case listen to your head first. Good luck young lady

    • Thank you, I gave my ex a second chance in like January and ended up hitting my head something was telling me to walk away but instead I got hurt but I'm all healed now.

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  • Yes but than again he became my ex for a reason and I moved on.


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  • lol obviously if he's your ex and it already failed, don't go back.

    • Sometimes I want to fall in love again but I have a fear of hitting my head or getting hurt

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    • Guy friend no bf

    • Ya but you're not filtering for a friend. You're filtering for a bf.

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