Guys, How long does it take for you to get over a break up?

I was talking to this guy before the relationship, my goodness he was perfect. Amazing, sweetest, considerate, good-looking guy.
We stopped talking when he was in a relationship. -2 months, she breaks up with him.
He messages me again (he said sorry)
And tells me how his relationships don't last over two months.
Then from the guy I described to you in the beginning, he turned cold, insecure, he didn't trust me, he even got offended if I flirted. He said he isn't looking for a relationship, but just friendship.
Does this happen to you? How long does it last?
We met online. He thought I was cat-fishing him after the break up, not before the relationship.
He made me take this weird picture for him to know it's me. He had my damn Facebook! Damn it >.>
The girl was an old crush, he said that was the best relationship he has ever had.
"Is that a challenge?" I asked
And he started telling me to stop, that of he didn't made it clear enough that he doesn't want a relationship.


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  • Depends on how the break up was. If the girl wasn't clear and just left me guessing as to why it ended, it would take a lot longer than if she was straight up.

    It also depends on the girl and how much we connected. Or at least how much I connected with her.


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  • It doesn't really happen to me. Sure I might need a few days to get over it if she was the one to break up with me, but I wouldn't ever get offended if someone flirted with me, or otherwise change my behavior towards them. I mean those are my problems and I got no reason to lash out against others because of them. Because that's just immature.

  • If my friends are there, probably 3 or 4 days, if not than maybe a week.

  • It took me 6 months to get over my crush.

    Soo it depends on the guy

  • Yeah it does... U knw when u get attached to someone and then suddenly she break up with u... It HURTS..
    it take time to get over it...maybe 1 month, 2 months depending on guy's mentality.


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  • depends on the guy and how it ended i believe.
    i can actually understand the shift in attitudes. he's not to be blamed. times are just hard for him and he needs time to adjust

    depending on how caring he really is, and how much of his heart was into the relationship, it could possibly take him years to get over it, which I'm guessing he is.
    but if he was some guy who didn't give a shit, then he'd b over it by the next day, easy.


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