Is It Wrong To Ask For Your Friend's Help?

is it wrong to ask for your friend's help to truly understand how your ex feels about you? its been 3 months of no contact since i ended it. he was always too busy so i told him that we should just stay as friends for now since he has a lot on his plate. he told me after the break up that one day if we stay in good terms we would be back together... but when i told him i missed him he said "idk".i want to catch up with him. he sounds fine when i text him (although he once stopped replying in the middle of a conversation) but when i ask to meet up with him, he says he doesn't know if he should cause he is busy. we didn't have a nasty break up.. it feels like he is over me but then there is still another part of me telling me that he is just ignoring and covering up his feelings. i really miss him.


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  • no it's not cause sometimes a friend either been through what your going through or might know someone that they know went through what your going through

    • What if i ask my friend to talk to my ex? Not to persuade him but to find out how he feels about the whole situation

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    • okayy! that sounds good

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  • Sounds to me if he was serious about being with you, he would make the time for you. Not having time is just an excuse. We make time for things that are important to us. Don't allow yourself to excuse this type of behaviour.

    The relationship wasn't working out because he had no time. So you two broke up. Sounds to me like you really want a guy who has time for you and will make time. Not someone who is too busy for you.

    Even if you two were good together when you both had time, it doesn't make up for someone who can't or won't make enough time for you. That's a problem and it sounds like you value a guy who will make time.

    Also, when you texted him saying you missed him, his response was "idk". That doesn't sound to me like he misses you much.

    I say give him some space. Work on yourself and try to move on. Find a guy who will give you time.


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  • Wait so after he stopped replying mid conversation, who initiated the next one? And how?

    • I initiated again by was super short though cause he was with his friends

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