How do you respond to an ex who called your passion/work pretentious?

How do you respond when your ex tells you that whatever you are currently doing in your life is pretentious and he/she doesn't care, and doesn't realize that he/she is hurting you. But when they tell you about their life they expect you to be impressed? (And you really aren't)
  • Play it cool, pretend you are interested then walk away when the conversation is over.
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  • Tell then their interest is pretentious just so they know how they made you feel
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  • Tell them the truth that they've hurt you and you are disappointed in their behaviour
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  • Tell them that they've hurt you and that personally you would not say such a thing even if you did do find their interests pretentious
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  • Other (explain in comments)
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  • I would simply ignore him from now on. The fact that he does not respect what you do, probably has something to do with you guys breaking up, even if it wasn't the central problem.

    For example, I consider myself an ambitious person. I'm science and businessey, but I have little patience for fine arts like dance, music, animation, modern art...etc.

    Personally, I would never date such a person. However, if I did, it would only be if she was super hot. I'd have little intention of staying with her, and probably wouldn't respect her job much. I don't see much value in those things.

    However, I would never say such a thing. I recognize people need musicians, dancers...etc. We also need janitors, cashiers, and people who make corrugated cardboard boxes. However, just because they are required jobs, doesn't mean they deserve the same level of respect.

    People obviously respect firefighters, doctors, policemen more than they do a janitor. It's not nice to say the janitor is not respectable, but for many, it's the truth.


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  • Either C or D sound fine.


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