What is he thinking? Could it be?

So my ex nd decided to break up with ne because we have different beliefs when it comes to certain things in our life and he feels I dnt show him enough affection..I have trust issues and he's known about that from the beginning but he told my best friend he's tired of doing a lot for me and always getting let down. He said he was done with me. When we broke up he said he didn't want me to completely out of his life and still wants to be friends. Well I work with him and he seems nothings wrong with him..but he will try to touch my face when he's playing around and in the elevator he stood right next to me.I moved away from him...recently I told him I wanted to talk to him and he said ok...as much as he's told my bff he's done with me what do you think is going on his mind? Im afraid when I talk to him he's going to tell me he just sees me as a friend now..we've been together for 9mths and have been broken up for a week


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  • It sounds like he still has feelings for you, and that's quite normal and understandable. You can't expect him to want to get back together with you though. You didn't let him in enough. You can't expect him to be with you again if you can't trust him. I think you should let him go, unless you can get rid of the trust issues.


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