GUYS! How long do you take to move on from an ex that broke up with you?

How long do you take to move on from an ex that broke up with you?

we only lasted for three months but we have been closely texting each other 24/7 for a year and were good friends before we started dating. we didn't have a nasty break up. he always seem to be busy so i suggested we be friends for now so we can focus on our own things and he agreed. he seemed sad at first but was fine. there was no contact for 3 months and i missed him so much. but when i recently talked to him he told me he had no feelings for me anymore.. he still replies to my text but he just doesn't sound the same and he doesn't want to see me... so i was wondering how he moved on so fast when i still really like him and miss him..


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  • I think it depends on the relationship. Most guys aren't as emotionally attached as women are so i think it would take less then a month. Unless you were really in love with that girl and it was hard for you to meet new people.

  • I try to wait 2 weeks to let the dust settle.I might miss her for a long time, but that doesn't stop me getting on with my life.
    I think it's like falling off a horse.Get back on as soon as possible.


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