Why can't I get over my ex? Any tips?

I got dumped and still can't get over him. I'm keeping super busy, more work, friends, and dating a lot like I used to. Hotter guys, even a sexy blonde that wants a commitment. Shit I'm going to Vegas with a sugga daddy tomorrow. But everytime I'm out there's a split second I wish i could be doing this with him. I would drop everything for him in an instant and I don't know why. I have people trying for me but I don't care. Is this normal? Are there other suckas that can't move on? I thought distracting myself would help me move on but it hasn't. I know when I get back from Vegas, the first thing I will want is to see him.

Any advice, sharing your story, and opinions is greatly appreciated. Thank you for taking the time to read my story.


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  • He did you a favor and set you free so you could find someone better to love, who can return it to you, something he could not do.


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  • You're not a sucka. You werein a committed relationship i presume for a while. Eventually, you'll get over it, it's just another part of life. Maybe you'll get back together with him one day alsi, who knows, just stay positive.


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  • Yo. I hear ya. Its hard to move on, but we can't just stand here and cry. We must look on the bright side and avoid him at all costs. Trust me. Don't even look at him. The tiniest glance at him can be a one way ticket to drama land. Get outside more and see your friends more til you're sure you've got over him. Stay bright and positive girlfriend :) hope you get better soon lol


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