Why isn't he answering me again?

Here is my FB friend whom I spoke to on fb etc he seemed very interested in me not to get in to too much detail once he didn't answer me for a week before I add him on Skype than when I told him my Skype ID he answered and said he had net problem we spoke that day than after wards he didn't answer me its been a week again
he does gets online on fb but I think he has muted conversation I can't see him online
whats the catch?
PS am 17 he is 23


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  • Go into detail...please? Why do you feel that he seemed very interested in you?

    • I wasn't answering him he kept messaging sweetheart darling babes please answer wanna talk to you love your beautiful eyes hair lips etc he asked me for video chat which I accepted etc

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    • Stop contacting him for awhile, provided he does not contact you. He knows that you have become anxious to communicate with him, which may be influencing him to continue with the hide-n- seek.

      I repeat, do not contact him, provided he does not contact you. It should end the games, and/or bring to light his interest level in communicating with you.

    • I think you are right
      thanks for helping dear fellow hope it works soon

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  • Maybe you're annoying to him, in his mind. Is that the same fap guy? O.o

    • haven't annoy him he was pretty happy the last time we spoke
      hmmmmmmmmmm yeah

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    • That's what the "hunters" do. -_-
      He doesn't need to ask for all info, he can just stalk your profile and gather information and do profiling.

    • nothing personal in my fb just some pic useless to him

  • I think that either he is interested in someone else or he is not interested in you or he is trying to show you that he is not falling for you (because he likes you and is perhaps intimidated in some way).


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