I want my ex boyfriend back.but he been a big jerk and disrespectful to me.this why we broke up.i just can't move on.i think I just me being selfish?

I only want to get back with him because I can't deal with seeing him with another girl.we been broking up sense fen 3rd.and he claims he not seeing or haveing sex with no one else. but I don't believe that.we have a long history we was together for 12yrs and 4 kids.


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  • That's a long history...but the truth is you don't really want him...but you don't want anyone else to have him either...that human nature..u remember all the good time right now...but nothing good ever ends...you have to allow yourself to get angry..I mean pisses at him...once that change happens you are over the hump...you can work on being civil later


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  • If he's a disrepectful jerk, you can do better. Do you just want to be with him because it feels like that's the only thing you've known for so long?

    • Yes he allying knw sense I was 17 years old

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    • Oh, the together time. Have you been doing anything to keep your mind of it?

    • I'm trying

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