What does he mean by this? He wants to be my friend?

So my ex boyfriend got in contact with me after a year of not talking to me. He dumped me and I didn't speak to him for a year. We hooked up a couple of times "with no strings attached" and from the beginning we agreed to stop seeing each other and only be friends when university started. He tells me he loves me and cares about me so much. Once university started he really stuck to his word. I got drunk one night and tried to hook up with him but he said

"I'm not worth sleeping with, I'm no good for you. I can't promise you anything or give you anything you need, thats why I really dont want us to accidentally do something and have it weigh on our new friendship. I want us to be friends"

I know he's quite straight forward but.. I'm just wondering if there's some underlying message that he's sugarcoating? Did he just use me over summer?


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  • He feels he will fail you again and he is scared of hurting you.
    Friends is the best way to go for him.
    But he definitely has feelings for you. You need to tell him how you feel. But how do you feel for him?


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