Why does a guy help out his ex with money, after the break up?

Broke up a 4 year relationship and engagement, now he likes to help me with money... Why?


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  • He is still into you, and this is angle to stay in contact with you.


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  • Sounds as though, along with the 'money,' honey, he Still wants to be part of your life. Many couples may break up, whether they are married or not, and get along Better than when they were in a relationship. "Can't live with 'em, can't live without 'em," the old saying goes.
    And it seems, along with these 'dead presidents,' your Friendship Now is not even------dead in the water. May be an excuse just to hang with you, stay in touch, And show you how helpful and useful he can be.
    Good luck.xx

    • Thanks for your thoughts, I love him and miss him, but he works so many hours a day and so dedicated to being a chef, he wants to do some therapy with me, I however am afraid he will hurt me again... I don't know if I should keep letting him help me...

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    • We are both going together. I hope we can mend this and finally get it together...

    • That was my thoughts...Good luck, I hope so to..xx

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