What am I doing wrong? My ex is still pissed (I get it) but gets so mad. Why is this?

Sorry for the continued post here but im trying to get clarification. Me and my ex of 6 months recently broke up a couple weeks ago. Since then, she has said she needed time and space and has continued to post how happy she is on facebook. I promised to give space but she is close to my family and was contacted by my grandparents so they can take her car to get looked at with their mechanic.
Anyway we ended up talking for a little and I told her how happy she seemed etc. She said she was getting over what happened and was happy with friends, family, job. I explained thats good and I understand. I also said that for that reason I get I can be completely out of her life and she was taken back by that. Led to her getting upset bc she said she doesn't see a relationship w me right now but can't tell the future. The convo ended and her hanging up by saying she was fine (based on everything she said or posted) she was pissed and said I effed it all up and threw our relationship away based on what I did. I agreed that I did but at the same time if she wanted it then we couldve worked it out. She then hung up.
What did I do wrong here? I wasn't yelling or fighting. She was calm until talk of relationship came up then exploded.


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  • Sounds like she was pissed because she thought she could mess with your head by posting the "I'm so happy" messages but when you said what you did, and made her realize her ploy was not so effective, she is no longer so happy because she lost the upper hand. Girl sounds kinda messed up psychologically. She is leading you on by saying there is a chance it will work in the future (didn't work in the present, why would it work in the future?) it reeks of the same tactic as going on about how happy she is. It is all meant to control you in some fashion. Don't fall for it. Find a girl with some maturity that is not going to mess with your head all the time.


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