Question to you girls, what should I do now?

Through a series of unlucky circumstances, which I won't go into the following happened:

The love of my life married another man and has a child from him. She regrets it too, but it is too late.

What do I do now?

I don't want to kill myself, but that thought has crossed my mind more than once.

I tried burying myself in work, but no amount of money will ever make me truly happy.

I tried praying to God, but he seems not to care.

I tried to use hypnosis to kill off all my feelings, but what is the point in living, if you are an emotionless android.

Where do I go from here? Any ideas?


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  • Change. Change your city, change your job, change your habits. Changing any of those things will change you, and eventually, you'll be someone new who can find love again. Eventually what makes you happy will change, and thus the kind of woman you want and need will also change. You're still young, and likely still growing. That means you're not who you're going to be just yet. This will take time.

    No one can force you to just get over this. You can't force yourself not to feel, or to feel what you don't. Everyone grieves in their own way, and it too takes time. But for better or worse, you won't feel this way forever. Try to accept that if nothing else. This feeling will pass with time.

    • Thanks I think I needed to hear that.

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  • You definitely need to see a therapist

  • Well if you're willing to take on her child she can always leave him to be with you

    • Sadly not possible, I am a hard core catholic so her husband would have to die first. But I would definitely.

    • Hey I'm an atheist, I have no problem arranging that for you... just kidding :)

    • Oh, it is you who would be going to hell for violating the fifth commandment, do however you wish. I informed you of the consequences, now you are free to act as you wish. If your actions would cause benefits for me, well, I endorsed nothing and accidents do happen. :) Just kidding, of course.

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  • Find another girl. There's literally billions of them


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