Some advice about an ex bf please?

So today I finally got up the courage to talk to my ex after 5months not talking. I told him that i just wanted to break the ice but he was just so cold and he said that I wasn't getting anything from him at the very least friends. What im not sure of is he still punishing me even though he was the one who dumped me or is there a chance he thinks we could be friends? The one thing I have notice is that he is very unhappy. One thing he did ask was when I said that I wanted to break the ice, he asked if my shrink had told me to do it. My shrink thinks he's jealous because she has seen how he acts around me and she said he has been unhappy witheveryone.
No im not over him. I dont really know why just that it, isn't the right time and neither of us a ready, we both agree on that. But we all so have our own emotional things to deal with and things with our own families to deal with.
I have a lot of questions that I want to no the answers to, the main one is what is going on in his head, why is he being cold and is he punishing me?


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  • Did you apologise? Why did he break up with you?

    I think you two should sit together and talk for an hour or so.

    Maybe you can bake him a cake and show him how good you are and what he misses if he let's you go.


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  • It would depend on why he left you. Did you do something to hurt him?


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  • First thing i notice is you have still not got over him, so i assume you still have feelings for him.
    Why did he dump you , if i may ask?
    Also, what is the question again, what you would like to know...

    • Well, may be he is still pissed off at you due to something , or may be he does not feel the same warmth towards you.. OR he must be occupied with something and must be surprised , he did not expected you to contact him.. there can be several reason..
      Also, when you break the ice , you should think less of getting hurt, you talked once, its good you tried... now when you see him next time, you can talk to him further, how is life and what is going on..

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