After 2 years if silence, he's still acting the same? Is there an explanation for his behavior?

So it's been 2 years since my ex & I broke up. We have the same friends... After we broke up I kinda enjoyed hangin out with them because he stopped comin around. I've gotten over it for the most part... but he recently came around lol we vibed really well! We stayed the night with each other & cuddled. Suddenly he changed we had sex I never tried to contact him after & he didn't try either. So I thought just sex & I wasn't pissed or anything... A night out somethin pissed him off he argued with me all night! So I avoided talkin to him after seeing him again, twice. He always ended up by me or I caught him staring at me... Seen him again he tried talkin to me (rudely) I didn't want to hear it cuz he said some hurtful things to me that night "I just wanted to sex, you piss me off. I don't like you" I was confused cuz I didn't hint that I liked him & that weekend I seen him at the beech & I was talkin to our friends & he came up to us so I just walked off... I'm wondering if he's trying to say somethin? Lol cuz it honestly feels like I'm having déjà vu. The relationship ended badly cuz we argued all the time & it was a very hard breakup but it's been years! What's going on? Is he catching old feelings?


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  • He sounds unstable. He's too much of a puss to tell you how he feels, but then gets jealous that you didn't come running after him. I think you're making good moves staying awya.


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