Confused. Lost. Tears turned to anger.?

So in a nut shell. My gf broke up with me after i said we should take a break. She lives an hour away and is 17 years old going into senior year i am 19 and in college. Basically i have been crying to her and fighting for her back but when she comes back i find out more information and then get mad and then dont talk to her... So this last time yesterday, i was fighting for her she said it was over i keeped fighting her and she said she has a new guy friend. Then she hung up and said she will call after work.

... So she calls and i keep asking her if she likes anyone else. I finally get it out of her she is like " oh i have a crush on this guy... Name... he's the star of the basketball team". I then say "you know what **** you" and hang up the phone.

We have been on and off for 2.5 years. She left me because she wants to start fresh with someone and be good from the begining. But yet she still was willing to give me another shot.

I dont know what to do. Im so pissed that it takes her 2 weeks to fond another guy.

Not to be rude but she allways said she did not like black people as for dating and he is black and big. And i am white and muscular/cut.

I don't know what to do in this situation. As of right now i hate her but idk.. Just looking for your thoughts on the situation.


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  • Alright, first off saying things like "F**k you" isn't going to help the situation. Don't say things that are permanently hurtful when you're temporarily upset. wether or not she will admit it, things like wear and tear on a girl, no matter how strong they are. If you say things like that often, that may be a reason she finally gave up. You can be the hottest guy in the world, but a guy who swears at a girl constantly is not only extremely hurtful, but also extremely unattractive.

    second, stop arguing with her. There comes a point where it going from "fighting FOR her" to "fighting WITH her". Give her some space.

    Just some general relationship advice, never yell. If you get upset, thats fine, but never raise your voice. walk away and come back and talk about whatever it was. But don't raise your voice, improve your argument. A guy who can control his temper under stress is amazing and girls tend to find a lot of value in it.


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  • From experience I think you should let her go it's healthy for both of you. I went through a somewhat similar situation. I was with my ex and he called me names and it just hurt and being in a on and off relationship ain't the best it really sucks it just becomes a habit and people just lose interest and it's not worth a try, a women/ girl wants and needs love, care and protection from her bf being on and off doesn't give her that. You both need to start fresh that's what I did and I'm really happy now :)

  • Obviously she is playing games with you. She likes that you are trying to fight for her, but she isn't going to come back. She's probably enjoying it actually, watching you cry over her, get angry over her etc.. And whenever she calls she just wants to let you know she's over you and she's moved on. Maybe you should do the same. forget about her. Maybe don't talk to her at all for a week and find someone new. She will probably get jealous because you haven't talked to her and you've moved on. But hey, its the circle of life. Maybe it wasn't meant to be. Don't cry over her or fight for her anymore. She's not worth it.


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