Need some advice on how to move on?

So at the beginning of my 1st year in high school I met this girl in the year above, and we became best friends, we went everywhere together and was basically inseparable. Then after around 1 1/2 years of being best friends she stopped all contact with me. I was devastated to say the least, and wouldn't let her just leave without a reason. So I asked around in her friend group, who all really liked me, and one girl told me that she had began to have feelings for me!! After some serious thinking, I decided to give things a go with her because to me she was perfect. It was amazing, I had found my first love, we went on holiday twice together, and she would stay at my house and vise versa every other weekend. Her family (especially her older sister) loved me, not in that way obviously. We was together for 2 years, constantly on and off, and in the meantime she had been with 2 other people. We wasn't together during that though, we'd broke up then she'd find someone new, then after a lot of hard work I'd win her back, so she never cheated on me, I wouldn't stand for that. But a few weeks ago, I ended it with her for the first time, it just didn't feel right anymore. We continued to talk like we were still together but after a few months she moved on and has been with somebody else for around a month now. This was my first love, I know this might seem weird to hear but I'm only 15! So as you can probably tell I'm pretty mature for my age. But now, I'm starting to have doubts in weather I did the right thing in finishing something that was so special to me. And I know obviously that in the future I'll find someone else, but I'm scared that I'll never feel the same way as I did with her. She wasn't a bad girlfriend or anything, but I know I need to get over her, but I'm not ready to move on to someone else yet. Also I have hobbies, I go to the gym every day and always have things to do, but it doesn't make it easier :( Any advice will be appreciated :)


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  • In all honesty, if it didn't feel right then it didn't feel right and from personal experience I myself struggled from moving on with my ex boyfriend at 15 too. It's been 3 years and I can say I've haven't truly moved on but I'm in a better place now then I was before and yeah there's times when I can't see myself with anyone else but that's just us being young and na├»ve and you never know what the world might bring for you. Just know that its not going to be easy and it's gonna take a while but don't prevent yourself from trying to meet anyone else because that's what I did for 3 years and now it's so hard for me to even find the guts to even try and flirt with someone so just enjoy being young and whatnot.

    • I know I'll find other people because like I've had a few a few kisses with some other people since we broke up, but my worry is that I'll never feel the same way about someone, and someone will never feel the same about me :( thanks for replying

    • don't worry you're still young I'm sure you will you're just over thinking it

    • I hope so, thanks

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  • it won't be easy. you have to push through it. be strong. its good that you have hobbies and go to the gym, those things will definitely help trust me. and you're right in admitting you will find someone in the future. it will only take time to heal. there is no instant remedy. for 15 you are realizing a lot pretty well. respect.

    • Thanks for replying lad, much appreciated. I hope your right, definitely waiting for a while until I move on to someone new, unless there really special. Thanks again :)

    • no problem brotha:)

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  • Okae first things first Ik some what how you feel..I am 15 also despite what ever my age is that I put on this things for my protection.. Anyway I'm in the 9th.. Well this a story about my friends that were in a the longest relationship I have seen out of all my friends. This is their story..
    Hannah and dre have been dating for about a year in 3 months on and off until one day they had broken up. They broken up because Dre was talking talking to other girl and they did night have trust in one another. So a week later she had start dating her crush that was also dre's rival I guess to make him jealous it work and 2 weeks later they were back on the love boat lol. But when I tell things were not the same between them I mean it! They were not a happy couple so they had broken up again. :-[ they no longer go out anymore and they don't talk to each other anymore not really hi and bye that's about it..

    So what I'm saying is trust and plus entertainment. It is a life time job to keep your partner entertained and plus you need to make sure if y'all do get back make you put everything on the table dont leave in the closet

    But if you don't want to get back together with her then.. Start hanging with your friends start doing things that interest you.. Keep your head and tbh therr are millions of other girs out there in this small but big world.. So good luck.. :-)

    • Thanks again. I think it's time to move on, cos if it's meant to be then it will be :) Maybe in a few years when school/college is over I'll see how she feels etc then we'll see what we want. Good luck with your problem :) x

    • Okae good thinking BTW.. On if it's meant to be it's meant to be.. Anyway aha thanks but not my problem it's theirs

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