Am I really over my ex and ready to move on?

My ex and I broke up months ago. I was still into him after the break up, but last month I found out that he slept with a friend of mine, also his best friend, behind my back a few times. I was extremely hurt and heart broken because both involving parties told different stories. A few days ago, I found out that he talked to the girl again. I've been trying to contact him because I'm a fucking moron, and thought him and I could be friends again. He was always a good friend. So, I know because he talked to HER that he's actually ignoring me. When I found that out, I became sad again. ._. Also, lately a few male individuals have been telling me that they liked me. I've turned all of them down because I feel like I don't really want to get into a relationship again. I have been flirting with some of them though. So am I really over my ex and ready to move on? Or what do you fellow individuals of this site think I should do?


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  • no you are not over him simply because you are asking this question. He cheated on you move on and forget about him


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  • If he's really putting no effort to try to talk to you I think you're wasting your time. I don't think you're completely over him, but I think there's potential you can move on. Just don't toy around with other guys emotions because you think it'll help you move on. It'll just fuck you over in the very end.
    And I also get you're going to miss him at times, but you can control it.
    Reach out to your friends and just meet new people. it feels good.

    • I feel like I am over him until his name is mentioned again. Then all these emotions come crashing back, and blegh. This advice helps me though, so thanks!

    • Yeah, I get you. The guy I liked a lot was named Jesus. That name is everywhere. SO TELL ME ABOUT IT.
      I mean you can't really do much about it especially if you both had mutual friends or go to the same school. All you can really do now is cope.

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