Does your first serious relationship still cloud your head?

My first relationship of 9 months ended 1 yr ago. But it still reminds me back about my ex. Perhaps because he's from my area and having a few mutual friends won't help. Not to mention him posting stuff on social media (he got a new girl now).
Even after a few relationships, do you still get reminded of your very first relationship?
Is it natural to have thoughts (at least weekly) about your 1st ex?
I'm really keeping distance and not talking to him. Even when I went on few dates, my ex would pop up in my mind.
..or am I just thinking too much?
Does this happen to you guys?


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  • I still think about the first girl I feel in love with all the time. That was about 23 years ago!!!

    • So it's natural.. If she came back to you, would you consider her even if u we're enjoying life dating diff girl?

    • Good question. I am in a great relationship now. Been together for 17 years, so probably not.

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  • Nope, just her judgmental behavior she inherited from her mom kind of still hurts me
    she broke off our engagement

  • What relationship lol?


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