GUYS PERSPECTIVE when your exgirlfriend didn't reply in your message that you send to her.?

To guys perspective or point of view:

When you initiate a first contact with your ex girlfriend after you broke up with her and she didn't replied in your message WHAT reason do you think she didn't replied at all?
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  • She knows very well she got the message just wait and she'll eventually respond till then flirt with other chicks don't hold your breath for an ex. They might miss you but most likely will not miss you enough to want to get back together. That or she hates you as love and hate are similar emotions believe it or not. If you were together for years might be worth waiting who knows but if it was still honeymoon period forget it. She might even go through this bipolar phase of showing glimpses of love and hate.


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  • I did that. No response, but I knew she still checked that email since it was her school email.

    I made no further effort to contact her, assuming she had moved on.

  • Ex can be a complicated person, my ex didn't respond to birthday message this year though she responded last year, so they can be unpredictable, best thing is to just focus on other things then focusing on them

    • than focusing on them*

  • Depends on how much you know her schedule.

  • She should be doing what I should be doing. Ignoring the ex and moving on.


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