What the best way to break up?

any ideas..
I want a very formally type... cooz i did tried to break lots but still in vain...
He keeps running after me and at the same time kept threatening, assaulting and ignoring me...
just wnaa close this chapter for once and all..
gv me a good workable idea plizz...
i wna release myslf from this guy.
make him let me go... hate me.


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  • Go to a public place have a very strong friend watching nearby and break it off.


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  • Confront him. Tell him you are through with him. You want nothing to do wih him anymore. Tell him he is risrespectful and and you are afraid of him. Do it somewhere where there are other people too so he can't do anything and get a ride home so he can't follow behind you.

    If he doesn't still understand call the cops and get a restraining order

    • isn't za a bit too hard on him?

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    • people change , they say...u think he can or will...
      i think i stayed n bear all these, bcoz i said to myslf..people change. do they? u think he can or will? or i sud brk out...

    • No. He is not going to change. And do you really want to take the risk? haven't he already hurt you enough? Just think how much better bf you can get if you let go of him now. Someone who loves you and treats you right. Is polite and won't assault or threaten you.

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  • - Meet up face to face
    - Preferably in public considering that he might go apeshit on you, you don't want to put yourself in danger
    - Just tell him that it's not working out and that you can't handle how abusive he is
    - Walk away, block him and delete him everywhere


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