GF broke up with me because I was over protective while she went to Las Vegas with some co workers, will she let me prove I was wrong and return?

We have a 10 month old daughter. She said she needs more space because I wouldn't give her any. I would worry whenever she would talk about Las Vegas, I would always think the worst of everything , such as cheating or her getting so drunk that she wouldn't remember what happened. Now I really understand that I should of trusted her and not bugged her co workers and her about where she was and who she was dancing with and ect... This is the third chance she gave me to trust her. Now I really see how loyal she is. But it hurts now because she says she won't get back with me. I am trying my best to show her that I can and are changing my ways. She broke up with me 4 days ago. Please, any suggestions or anyone that can relate. Especially girls, would my gf, we'll ex, let me prove I'm worth it again for the good.


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  • She's not your girlfriend
    She wouldn't be cheating on you


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  • Jealous bf/gf really is the most frustrating thing to deal with it just makes you feel tied down and miserable all day and you always have to worry about where your going and with who and what your doing because you know your bf/gf has issues.
    If you do get back together you want to make a mental note that whatever she does or wants to do you will keep your mouth shut and don't pester her,
    Hopefully she gives you another chance bro, my ex had two chances and I would never give her another I'm so much happier without her over my head omg she nearly destroyed me!


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  • She's given up on you, sorry. 3 times is far too many chances that you've thrown away. Move on, find another girl and make sure you don't do the same shit next time.

    In regards to your daughter, you'll have to put your foot down. You need to tell your ex that you want to see your child from time to time.

  • It's normal to worry because you care for her, If it was me I would feel the same way but I guess you just have to trust her no matter what and just give her some space even tho you don't want to. If she really loves you she will come back but you have to try and change and become a better less possessive boyfriend, I went through the same thing with my ex


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