"Friends with Benefits" - with my ex?

My then boyfriend just broke up with me today; but we discussed before how attracted we are to each other; yesterday I gave him a boner.
The reasoning behind the split was most likely because he's leaving for college across the country.
As I'm not being clingy and I have dealt with the news rather well, would it be out of line if I ask if we continue the sexual behavior? We are both comfortable with each other and respectful of boundaries.
It's all working out now, thanks for the advice, everyone! :)


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  • I have a friends with benefits that I met this year in university, we're really good friends now and whenever we're sexually frustrated we meet up. Today we met up and we talked, relieved our frustration and I don't know nothing has changed for us. We're just friends with some perks

    • Sweet! Any other advice/things I should know when having this relationship? Thanks

    • talk about it before going into anything. My friends with benefits have an agreement of no feelings other than platonic, in a way it's like getting our fix ad nothing changing. We also said if we start having feelings for another guy/girl than the relationship would end and nothing would change. Don't get emotionally involved, as soon as you do it gets messy, happened to my best friend. Farewarning more often than not situations like these end messy in some way shape or form. Know what you both want before and have some rules

  • He's a guy. So he will say yes

    • make sure not to get to attached though

    • Exactly my goal-thank you!

  • Been there. You're not over things. It's going to hurt you. Go find another cute boy to sleep with. It'll hurt you too much in the long run.


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