How do I break up with a clingy boyfriend?

I am really confused and i need some advice. My boyfriend and I have been dating for six months and he just adores me he is also very clingy because i am his first girlfriend. I feel kind of guilty because i do not love him as much as he loves me. Well on top of that there was this guy that i had the BIGGEST crush on last year, but he went away for a while. Now he is back and has been texting me joking about "stealing me" and i think i am falling for him all over again. I want to date him but i would feel really guilty dumping my boyfriend for him what do i do?


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  • Well it sounds like you are caught up on this other guy so if you'd rather have him and you feel your current relationship will not work out, then you need to break it off with your b/f soon so as not to drag him along and hurt him more. Let him down easy because it's gonna break his heart pretty bad...especially you being his first. Just let him know that you think he's a great friend, but you don't feel like you two are meant to be.

    Just make sure this other guy that wants to "steal you" loves you so you don't end up where your current b/f is now. :)

    • thank you, and you are right. it would be horrible to dump a perfectly good guy for a guy that will just leave me like that

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