He's angry at me because I agreed with him?

ok. so my ex and I were together 5 years. this past year I went off to college (we stayed very faithful and he cam almost every weekend since its only 56 miles away) well in the last 3 weeks of the semester as I'm getting ready for exams his parents got a very quick divorce. no drawn out court dates, nothing just done. Well being that we only talk via text, phone and FaceTime, he only said it in passing. i asked if he was ok and kept pushing. in those last 3 weeks I had a really rough patch with my thyroid illness but finally made in home on may 1st. well he calls me the minute i get home to come have lunch and i meet him, sitting in his car getting ready to go inside. he gives me a huge spill about how he doesn't believe in love or commitment and he wants to end us. i was gracious and said ok. after that it was 2 weeks of no contact save for 1 tex of me asking was he ok. he calls really late one night saying he misses me and how did i let this happen to us. we talked all night and he even spoke about wanting me back. well we fell into this pit of friends with benefits with the ends game of a relationship. 2 weeks ago i was freaking asking him "what happens if one of us want to date someone else" he shrugs it off and says "we will know when that happens blah blah" well today we had a small fight about me being cranky bc of my car accident injury. we didn't talk for a few hours and he calls and says "i really love you but I'm scared the past will repeat itself but I'm afraid you will find someone else" i tell him its no prob, i love him and the stars will align when ready and we are ready and there is no one else. he calls me selfish and says I'm a commitment phobe and doesn't want to be with me because of it. should i give this up to him being emotional or take him seriously as he's done?
Brutally honest please?


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  • He sounds like a big emotional wreck. I don't know if it's because of his parent's divorce or he's always been that way.

    But you are in your dating prime. Hate to break it to you, but you're the hottest now you will ever be in your life (for the most part). How many years of your prime are you going to waste on him?

    • i mean he's always been very emotional. but i love him very much. i just don't wanna go through the whole cycle of :gets mad then contact then when i finally fell like "maybe its over" its like he pops back up again

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