When an ex bf says they don't care if you're dating someone else do they mean it?

My very recent ex bf who I was with for 5 years and have remained friends with, says he doesn't care if I have a new bf or whatever. However on the odd occasion that we would see eachother I would catch him trying to look at my phone or ask who was texting me if I got a call or text. Also the last time I bumped into him I was dressed up quite nice and he looked me up and down and said that I looked so stylish and are you dressing up for someone? Does he really not care if I'm dating someone new or does he just want me to think that?


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  • depends on who broke up. either way, no he cares at least a little bit and its kind of awkward to him to be in this position.


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  • I think for most people there is that little tinge in their belly when they think or know that a person they were with might be with or talking to someone else.

    It's pretty normal, and human to feel a little rejected and anxious in that moment if we are the one who is seeing our ex getting approached.

    I'm sure it might bother him on some level, but does he really care? Well, that's hard to say. It would really depend on if he actually wants to move on and if he has resolved his feelings for you.

    Everyone heals at a different pace.


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  • No matter how pretty you dress, how many text messages you or phone calls you get
    can still mean he doesn't care who you date

    • Who broke the relationship off matters, why he is acting this way, if it was mutual than i don't know?

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  • Is he single now?

    • Yes we broke up in April

    • My ex used to do when I was with the last guy. He said he was tired of waiting for me, so he started dating someone else. He's either waiting to see if you move on or he still might want to be with you.

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