What is my ex girlfriend thinking? Why is the sudden change in her attitude?

Hi Guys and girls,

I really need your help and opinion.. as I am, really hoping that I can get back with my girlfriend.

I have been with my girlfriend for almost 3 years and she broke up with me just 1 month shy of our 3 years anniversary.

She is currently 20 and I am 23. In these 3 years, I have to go oversea to study for my University and as such, I will only come back during winter and summer breaks. Within these 3-4 months of holidays each year, where I am back with her, we were so in love and we could practically have sex and cuddle almost everyday.

During our LDR time, we will Skype almost everyday and every night and that the Skype is almost always on. We even leave the Skype on when we sleep just so we can see each other. Our love and bonds were so deep and that she even has a tattoo of my full name on her body.

However, along the way in these 3 years, I started to have no trust in her and constantly feeling insecure. ( because she lied to me a few time and go clubbing behind my back. She did apologize and says that she will never do it again). As such, along these 3 years, I have been controlling her and asking her whereabouts and even control how she dressed when she go out. When she is not on her Skype, we will be on phone texting.. We communicate with each other every single seconds either through Skype or messages.

Some huge issues happened last month. She say she wanted to go clubbing with her close friends and I was so angry with her. Thus, I practically ignored her for 3-5 days ( thinking by doing so would stop her from going). I even say: "actually, all along, I wanted a break up." which is totally foolish of me and I don't mean it at all! I explained to her afterward that it was a moment of anger. However, because we have been quarreling so badly, during that clubbing night out, she actually made out with a man. The reason she did that was because she say it was my fault as I sent the wrong signal to her that she was single.
Last time, she couldn't even take a single day w/e texting me. Whenever we quarreled, all I have to do, is to give her a cold shoulder for 1 day by not texting her, she would spam me and asking me why am I ignoring her. Now, she just won't miss me


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  • She's sick of you being a controlling beyaaatch and she's moving on

  • Honey if you told her you said that out if anger and she kisses another guy I don't think she cared that she kissed another guy because if you truly loved you she would've understood that it was a rash moment and she would crawl back to you if she loved you not go kiss someone else! You need to give her some time to figure things out and then ask her what she wants! Hope I helped! And if you have anymore questions in here! And please keep me updated! (:


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