Men with single moms - do you treat women with more respect?

This is for guys who grew up with a single mom or a dad who treated your family like crap. Do you still look up to him and hold the same outlook in life on general things or do you try to be the opposite of him? Do you look down on women or think more highly of them because of it?

It's shocking how many single moms there are raising kids and struggling but so many young guys still have a negative attitude about women and treat them poorly. Do you think a lot of other men are awful because they leave the family and treat them bad? Or is this the norm?
This is a very hard question to phrase right


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  • I do, she assumed both roles as caretaker and bread winner also did one hell of a job if i might add. Call me a mama's boy all you want but my mom has more balls than half the men I've met in my life.

    I do tend to respect single mothers a lot more on average i guess so call me biased.


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  • Respect is earned, not presumed automatically upon meeting someone.
    Having a pussy does not, in and of itself, grant you any points. Neither does having a penis.

    I believe the modern society has a problem recognizing one simple reality of economics, politics and pretty much everything: You get the things you incentivize.
    In other words, if the average girl fucks guys who treat them poorly over the guys who treat them decently, then every young guy with some grey matter will want to be in the former group.

    • When I say respect women more I mean you generally don't think of them as bitches and hoes only good for fucking and leaving

  • I haven't seen my dad for years, yea I have a lot of respect for my mum i was a nightmare teenager but I think I grew up learning good morales.

  • My mom was single when i grew up but had many female friends who stayed with us, maybe thats where my respect for women comes from

  • men who grow up with single moms are less likely to get married and such, and more likely to be that "playa" who does his best to get 50 hookups a year. simple. it doesn't make them respect women more.

    • Yeah but I want to know why

    • They see mom unable to get and keep a man, instead dating around, going through drama, etc.

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  • Depends on what their mom was like


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