I think he's playing tip for tap?

I just caught my man with another woman who said they where friends June 9th I love him so much that I'm still with him he won't talk to me about it so I have crying spells, today is June Friday 13 and today I asked him why isn't he showing any effort that he wants to be with me and he said I think we should just be by ourselves we keep going through the same thing arguing and I just can't stop wonder if he's doing this and that. Damn all I ask is for action words don't mean shit now days. He said it was over in he didn't want to be with me and was tired of making things work and hell will never get back with me but wanna be friends why? Do you think he's tryna keep me around so that if things don't work out with her I will always be around? I don't know how to think right now I'm emotionally messed up am I being stupid
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What Guys Said 1

  • This is always a tricky situation.

    Often after I date someone, I don't want to be anywhere near them. I want to be entirely with other people with no chance of seeing her. That's during a clean break that has no chance of being mended.

    What this sounds like is a bait and hook. He's got you hooked and now he doesn't have to do anything except reel you in when he wants some attention. Every now and then I crave a platonic female friend to talk me down off of something. Perhaps that is what he is looking for in you.

    I am certain of one thing though, it is done. You need to move on. Once someone starts playing these games they never come back. They never start dating you again and if they do it never lasts for long. Get out and let him go waste his life with those other girls. He isn't worth your time.


What Girls Said 1

  • Well it seems you already know what you want to do; since there is option

    • I wanna be with him but then again is don't cause he not showing me any effort that he wants to be with me he don't want me asking him no questions no nothing it's just except him for him or not accept him at all is what it seems to me

    • Well you have to decide and sometimes Irs Really hard. You have to do.what's best for yourself

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