I know that its probably for the best, but I miss him already!?

I have been seeing my ex since the beginning of the year.
He doesn't want a relationship right now because of personal issues and i need to fix some personal things too.
He recently stopped things because he said he felt he was using me for affection when he couldn't give me anything in return (meaning a relationship).
The other night he also said that he would always like me but 'we just need to stop for a while'.

I miss him so much already. I keep thinking of things to tell him or just want to talk to him. I want to kiss him and hold him. I know that what he is saying makes sense for both of us but it hurts, and i want to be friends with him, especially since we will be around each other at uni. He is the love of my life and it kills me to let him go for now, because i'm so afraid that now is forever.


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  • It probably is forever, so try your best not to pressure him so you can stay friends, at least. Just sow him you will not forget him-but be subtle, so he doesn't run away completely


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