Waited 6 weeks after break up to remove her from FB, she changed her status to "in a relationship" within a matter of hours, why do I feel upset?

So I was with my abusive ex for years and finally had enough and left her 6 weeks ago.
I wanted to remove her from FB but my mother said because she's a bit of a psycho to wait 6 weeks for when she goes on holiday for 10 days to visit family.
So yea today is the day she leaves to visit family so I removed her from FB and set my status to "single" and went to bed.
I just woke up and thought I would double check that I done everything correct and noticed that she changed her status from "married" to "in a relationship".
Now I was hoping since we broke that she would meet someone else because it was less chance she would attempt to cause me problems or come back to me.
I can't stand this girl she is evil beyond belief and I've never regretted leaving her or felt upset that i left her ever.
So why now do i feel upset even though I was hoping she would get a new bf straight away ( she can't stay by herself she has to lean on someone) do I feel upset now I've seen her new "in a relationship" status? This girl was making my life hell for years I don't know why i even care!


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  • Emotional attachment bro. While you want the best for her, at same time you also want to feel better than her.

    Just find another girl.

    And don't worry about her finding someone, it takes a girl a miniskirt, makeup and one trip to a night club to find someone else.

    • Yea you got that right bro lol:))

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  • You care because you were still with her and it's upsetting to know that as soon as you unfriended her she put in a relationship. She was probably doing it just to upset you too.

    • Yea it's possible because a family member commented on the status change , it said "you will be ok"
      Thanks for your opinion:)

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    • Wow thank you:) yea I tried so hard to make it work she just had really bad anger and jealousy issues, I'm so much happier without her but I can't understand how i can not miss her but still get upset she has changed her status , it's really weird!

    • The heart works in mysterious ways. I get it. And your welcome 8)

  • Because a small part of you hoped she wouldn't move on so quickly.

    • Maybe your right, I hope your wrong though this girl was so horrible to me throughout our relationship. Thanks for your opinion.

    • This IS the answer. A small part of him may even long for the memories of when she wasn't abusive.

    • There wasn't many of them I'm afraid , any good memories have a bad one connected to it, she was pretty much abusive from the get go.

  • It's a natural reaction. I would stick to your guns though. Your first response (which was leaving her) is usually the right response. You're human so you experience emotions. Your emotions won't just disappear overnight, it will take time and while these emotions are still there and at the forefront your mind will use these to play tricks on you. Don't second guess yourself. You made the right decision. Once the effect of these emotions start to wear off, and in time they will, you will be able to see clearly once again and completely agree and be happy with the decision you made.

    • Thanks for your response, yea I 100% made the right decision and would never take her back I can't stand the girl, that's why I don't understand why I even care! :p

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