My girl dumped me .. now she called me yesterday just to know how am I.. what does that mean. .. I want her back... will she be back?

My girl dumped me after 3 years of relationship saying she's scared of me and feelings won't come back anymore... then she dumped me. .. I forced for few days then I told her its ok if its her final decision and I tried my best to bring her back. . But I couldnt...
Its been 10 days we broke up. .
She called me yesterday just to ask how am I doing.. I mean why is she doing it.. and what does she want...
I do love her a lot and I want her back... will she? Help


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  • She won't come back. But she was worried about you. It might have been inconsiderate because it reminded you of her. But your relationship is over. Don't try to force her back.


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