What to do or how to act when you had plans with a ex boyfriend but he never showed or text called or anything?

Had plans to meet up wit my recent ex boyfriend of 5 years. He is the one who broke it off and he also said he wanted to b friends. Since we did know each other first as friends... I was hurt so I quit talking to him for bout a week or so then I texted him to c how he was and also to c if he already had been wit anyone he said no then he asked me the same thing. I then asked him if were can get together and he said yes and it seems to go okay because I do say if u don't want just tell me and I'll leave other alone or respect it and he says no it's nothing like that basically... So my question is y does he make plans to meet up wit me if he really isn't trying to, is he playing games, just being nice? Don't understand


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What Guys Said 1

  • Be confused no more. For he did not show and he did not call after to explain. He is not playing games. He was completely inconsiderate of you, which speaks volumes. He is moving on.

    Thus, I suggest you do the same. Move on.


What Girls Said 1

  • he still has something for you i mean you guys have been together for five years obviously your not just some girl to him you mean way more to him then these girls out here and i think there could be a chance of something more there i wouldn't look at it as him having motives it doesn't seem like he was playing you before if he was with you for five years you gotta stop seeing yourself as just some girl to him because he really does seem to care if he's wanting to meet up with you and see how you are and hasn't dated anyone else after you guys broke up trust him because you shouldn't let a good thing go ik he was the one that broke it off but maybe he wasn't all together or in a good place to be in one and now he probably is in a better place and more mature about situations people do change so at least see how things go when seeing him again


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