Awkward situation now what do I do?

okay we were a thing for a good couple months like 6 or 6. we never really went anywhere but really cared about each other. we decided to step back and be friends. well after a month I decided that i missed him and we should actually give it a really shot and actually act like girlfriend/boyfriend. There is definitely something there but we just had some miss communication. He was worried that he was going to hurt me if we got back together. I told him I knew the risks and I dont want to play life safe anymore. That he can't tell me we should be friend and maybe see later because I dont want that over my head. Thing would be definitely different I would actually text him everyday like he wanted me too.

So now he is thinking. I am a hundred percent sure that he will just want to be friends but I don't know how I should act.

Should I give him space and don't text him and wait till he wants to talk?

Should I just act normally and text him every once in awhile? or should I try to talk to him more? but never ask him want he wants and wait till he is ready.

I guess I just dont know what to do.


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What Guys Said 1

  • Sounds like he doesn't want to continue the relationship, or he would have reacted more positively to your proposal. Just move on to someone else and if he changes his mind later, and you're not with somebody else and decide you want another go at a relationship that has already had problems, then that option is open. Forcing the issue now will get you a guaranteed "no."


What Girls Said 1

  • let him come to you because you have did all you can and you have tried more then he has i think the best thing to do is keep yourself busy and let him contact you when he's ready to i don't think you should allow yourself to get attach or too close to him until he proves to you and puts in the work showing that he cares more enough to want more with you by his actions and how he treats you if he feels like he wants to be friends i wouldn't worry about it because he may not be ready for a relationship in general right now and the possiblities of you being there as a friend may change his mind about wanting a serious relationship with you when he is ready for a serious one but either way he sounds confused about what he wants and i wouldn't allow myself to get more attach to him by texting and putting my all in something I don't know if the other person even cares enough to try to make it work or want


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