Why would I not be over someone who hurt me?

So my ex broke up with me without telling me. He just stopped talking to me one day. We never got serious, but I was soooo hurt. I cried. He still hasn't spoken to me since then... A week ago, his friend posted a pic of him with my ex and I was like "Oh wow, I'm glad I'm over him". Then few days ago, my ex randomly followed me on Twitter (he unfollowed me the day we "broke" up) I don't know why, but I kind of got excited and hoping he'd talk to me. I shouldn't even like him anymore, but why am I still not over him? /:


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  • 1. Hope - mankind's twig of survival in the life of sea :)
    2. Your mind was made up to be over him not your heart or ego which is why when he makes his presence felt you are excited thinking maybe he'll talk to you
    3. He's doing things like following you again on Twitter to make his presence felt (a) to see how you react (b) to know what's on in your life
    4. In his case it's again a situation of insecurity & ego boost if you go after him in some way or the other
    5. Don't block him but let him be there like the many others who follow you :) and don't interact either :) :)

    • Thank you, young lady for your kind and thoughtful gesture of selecting my opinion the MH :) A generous gesture I wholly appreciate :) I sure hope you are comfortable with the situation & more confident now :)

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  • Very simple dear
    if the pain is greater for u he gave
    then forget him

    and if he is greater then forget pain

    decide wisely
    don't with his feelings
    and don't let him too with urs


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  • will it is showed that you still love him & I think that he followed u to be only a friend nothing more. u should not give him another chance cause he round it the first time and girl u deserve the best the word full of good guys. control ur self and try to look for some one better and good luck

    • He doesn't follow his ex ex girlfriend on social network... I don't know but thank you!

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