Why is my ex being a jerk to me?

I broke up with my bf (now ex) just over two months ago. It was a messy breakup, he talked to girls sexually as he was dating me. He skyped them, texted them, and snapchatted them as well, along with many other ways (Facebook, kik, etc). There were 30+ girls, some he may have hooked up with, I am not sure. I broke up with him, which was hard because he absolutely crushed my feelings. I did not do anything to deserve that. He told me I needed to get over him, he wanted to be friends, I could do so much better than him and I didn't deserve what he did. He got mad and cornered me in his room when he had found out I went out with friends after our breakup, and lectured me about decisions I was making. He held the door so I couldn't leave and also asked why I was flinching. Not to mention he cussed me out after asking him about a text he had sent to a girl asking to cuddle. He said they were "friends". He wouldn't talk to me after he cussed me out. He never got me a Valentine's day present, skyped girls when I was home at my grandfathers funeral or away for sports. When I broke up with him he also said he had no feelings for me anymore and he didn't know why he did what he did. He did have feelings yet he was making plans for summer with me.

I really cares for him and he knew that. I let him know and treated him like a king.

Recently I texted him just to be nice and see how his summer was going. He responded with what do you want from me and was rude. he is liking all my friends pictures, multiple girls and everything they post, and created a dating profile. Why is he and has he been doing this? Is he trying to get revenge or build his ego? Or is he desperate? Or not over me? Why did he act the way he did


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  • Could be a broken heart just forget about him he probably did not deserve you.


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  • For real it just seems like he was a jack ass who just wants to hook up with girls and as for the whole texting him and him being rude it means he doesn't want to talk to you which is just mean but wow you should've dumped it when he first started doing all that shit


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  • He was a jerk then, and still is one now.


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