Why do I always get screwed over?

I'm a normal 18 year old girl. When I actually date someone I must really like them. I've been in 1 serious relationship, but I've "talked" to some other guys.. At the end of the day I either get cheated on, or fucked over.. It's not like I'm unattractive (not being cocky), I'm not a bitch and I'm completely social and caring. Why does this happen to me... Am I doing something wrong?


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  • I know exactly how that feels I am being fucked over by girls, so bloody annoying. You sound like the exact same character as me, why do us good people deserve to be treated like this!!!

    Maybe you need to ask yourself some questions in your mind

    1. Do I fall in love to fast? I know I do with girls, far to fast, before I even know if they can be trusted. Maybe you are like me?

    2. Where are you meeting guys? Bars, nightclubs and online dating are all bad places to meet someone for a relationship. The best place is like hobby clubs or take up a sport say for example you like photography, you join a photography club, there are guys, you already have an interest the same as them, you get talking and one thing leads to another. This is not a guarantee but you are far more likely to meet a good guy this way.

    3. Do you trust to fast? I know I do.

    4. Do you stand up for yourself? I am not meaning you have to yell, scream and swear and loose all control because that is wrong but I meaning if he fucks you over just say in a calm, rational way something like you don't deserve this kind of behaviour and you will not tolerate it kind of thing.

    5. Do you always try to go for the super hot guys? Because like the super hot girls you are more likely to attract a self-centred, selfish person that does not give a shit about you and think the world revolves around them. I am not saying all good looking people are like this but more of the ones that are the super hot ones.

    There is some food for thought, hope it helps and good luck :)

    • Also if you are chasing the bad boy type you are far more likely to get used.

    • I don't trust at all..I have never met a guy at any of those places.. Their either wrestlers, like myself or enjoy soccer... I do stand up for myself. He'll four years of debate and forensics better have helped me with that.. I wouldn't say I go for the bad guys.. These guys were once my friends. Very good friends.. I just don't understand. People are beyond fucked up..

    • Ok well just trying to give you some thoughts... as I did not know what type of guys you go for... or what you knew or didn't... so was just trying to help... but people are beyond fucked up. So many people don't know the meaning of a relationship anymore. They date because of money when relationships are about love not money or at least they should be. People are just not prepared to compromise in relationships anymore when every relationships needs both people to compromise sometimes. The divorce rate is up compared to say 50 years ago people are just selfish and self-centred.

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  • I feel exactly the same! I've been in two serious relationships and they always seem like there going well pretty layed back and a pretty nice person and I don't know where I keep going wrong


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  • A couple ideas to help improve what you are looking for and for yourself as well.

    1. Write down and reflect on past relationships/flings.
    2. Figure out the behaviour you dislike in the opposite sex. From here, your red flags (warnings) and deal breakers should become more evident to you.
    3. Figure out what behaviour of your own could have enticed people to take advantage of you, and figure out your own insecurities.
    4. Approach new friendships and relationships with confidence and firm boundaries.


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  • Maybe you should start acknowledging the sweet quiet guys that come in your life.


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